NYTimes: Artist’s Studio: How About the Living Room?

I can remember in Soho in the early 80’s and it was orerty much all artists there. I loved in a gigantic loft on Wooster amd was paying a few hundred a month for a room that was over 1000 sq.ft.

Read below bow artists truggle to find ztudio space.

Artist’s Studio: How About the Living Room? https://nyti.ms/2qVJDfs

Property care

Well today began by hanging out by the pool and answering emails, when I began to noticed many bushes and trees were beginning to take over fencing and walkways that cross my property. So I decided to grab several clippers and various power trimmers and began trimming and cutting. Cut to 3 hours later and what I accomplished was not only a much more pleasant look to my property, but also discovered several beautiful plant that were completely covered up by nearby bushes and trees. It also was a great way to get a workout and work on my tan at the same time.

Co-op, Condo and Townhouse: What’s the Difference? | Elliman Insider

Very informative and interesting comparison.  One thing that was left out however is the dreaded shovel needed for those with townhouses. Townhouse owners I’m sure know what I mean. Lol. But it’s all worth it to be one of the less than 1% who own one.

With different types of homes come various pros and cons. We’ll help you understand the differences between a co-op, condo and townhouse.

Source: Co-op, Condo and Townhouse: What’s the Difference? | Elliman Insider