Property care

Well today began by hanging out by the pool and answering emails, when I began to noticed many bushes and trees were beginning to take over fencing and walkways that cross my property. So I decided to grab several clippers and various power trimmers and began trimming and cutting. Cut to 3 hours later and what I accomplished was not only a much more pleasant look to my property, but also discovered several beautiful plant that were completely covered up by nearby bushes and trees. It also was a great way to get a workout and work on my tan at the same time.

Why Miami is the Best Place to Live for Your Dog | Elliman Insider

With its sunny climate, ample outdoor dining, and many walkable neighborhoods, Miami is a paradise for dog lovers and their canine pals. There are dog-friendly shops, beaches and hotels, not to mention dog parks galore. In fact, it’s among the three best places to live with pets in the U.S., according to a 2017 Reward…

Source: Why Miami is the Best Place to Live for Your Dog | Elliman Insider